Imagine this:

what if every time someone made a call, sent a text, surfed the net, flicked a switch, or turned on the gas your charity/organisation could benefit financially in some way.....

Affinity Marketing


. . . Now that's an exciting proposition

Now ask yourself a couple of questions

Do any of your supporters/members use a mobile phone or a landline? Do any use the Internet? Do any use gas & electricity?
Of course they do!

How many of your supporters/members are looking to save money in these difficult times?

Now consider this: how many of your supporters/members would like to save money and at the same time support your charity/organisation

The Affinity group through fone8 & utilit8 can facilitate this for you

The Affinity Group has partnered with the major communications and energy suppliers in the UK to secure the best deal for your supporters.

Switching or in some cases renewing their communication or utility provision through Affinity will generate a donation to your charity/organisation

We offer a WIN-WIN-WIN solution to fundraising the charity/organisation wins by receiving donations the supporter/member wins by getting a better deal Affinity wins by increasing their volume thus enabling them to negotiate better deals with the suppliers

It's not only individuals that can benefit we offer this proposal to businesses from one man bands, SME's to large corporates

Imagine what can be generated

So this is the deal:

Through partnering your charity/organisation with Affinity, your supporters/members either individual or businesses, by signing up to a better deal on services they are already using, can be supporting their favourite charity/organisation and saving money in these difficult times - at no cost to themselves or to your charity/organisation


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